Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ouzel do nicely

I love the bright early mornings. I was out for sunrise today in hope of finding Common Redstart or Pied Flycatcher. I had no joy on either front, but did end up with an impressive list all the same. It was back to Macclesfield and into the forest to start with. Crossbills once again were in good numbers. These were joined by Siskins, Lesser Redpolls and Woodpeckers of the Great variety.
I moved on to Wildboarclough where I watched 3 Dippers at different points and also caught sight of a Goldcrest.
Danebower quarry was the next scheduled stop and after a short wait the prized bird was seen, well two in fact. Ring Ouzels!! One of this pair took a dip in the river and had a good clean.
I ventured further towards the quarry and came across another pair. 4 in one morning!! I'd only ever seen one before in my whole life. Good times.
After this everything else seemed a little disappointing, but there was time for my first House Martin of the year and plenty of Red Grouse, Wheatears and Meadow Pipits. Oh, and Golden Plover formation flying over the moors.

Ring Ouzel at Danebower

 Excuses in early. This was digiscoped with the sun in front so it does look like a blackbird, but it's definitely a Ring Ouzel.

A family party of Crossbills. Female on the left, male in the middle and immature on the right.

 Another poor digiscoped shot, of Red Grouse this time. Look at those false eye lashes.

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