Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Friday 19 March 2021

Exciting Times

Once again confined to living room birding, there has been some excitement this week, with a first Blackcap of the year visiting. A very nice looking female has spent a few days now scurrying around the various hedges and has even taken to having a nibble at a fat block. This bird was a day earlier than the first Blackcap I saw last year. So this makes me think that it may be a fresh in migrant.

Female Blackcap

More excitement when the male Bullfinch decided to put on a show for me, with the female that I presume is the same as the one I saw last week. I could hear it's call while I was sat in the window and then it flew straight across from my eyeline. A real treat.

Also this week, has seen a pair of Robins gathering nesting material and taking this to the bush outside my kitchen window. I have everything crossed that I get a group of youngsters in the months to come.

With leaf in beak.

Friday 12 March 2021

Garden Gold

 Well, it's been pretty quiet of late. I am only birding on my daily walks, and rarely taking the binoculars out let alone the camera. So unfortunately there has not really been anything new to report.

Having said that, I did have my garden highlight of the year (so far) this week, with a female Bullfinch visiting. I thought I could hear it's call while working away at my desk, but couldn't see anything from there. I carried on, but then it flew across my window to the trees opposite. I was hoping that the male would soon follow, but sadly it didn't. I can't complain though. What a bird to have outside your window. Just to think that I wouldn't have seen this had I not been working from home. A real bonus.

Hopefully soon I will be able to get out and about a bit more, as it's really starting to frustrate me. I need my birding and photography fix. Plus the best time of year is coming, in terms of migration. 

Female Bullfinch