Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Thursday 16 June 2022

Yellow Wagtail

Seeing or finding a Yellow Wagtail each year is by no means a given. I don't often visit their habitat at the right time of year, which in hindsight I really should do. A friend of mine kindly let me know of a field where he'd seen up to seven birds. It was too good an opportunity to turn down, so off I popped to try and locate them. It wasn't long before I heard and then saw a couple land on a muck pile. There were plenty of insects to keep them occupied and feeding. I sat and watched for a good hour, which gave me a good opportunity to take some decent pictures.


I just love this vibrant lemon yellow colour.

Friday 10 June 2022

Red Kite - Cheshire

In recent weeks there have been numerous sightings and reports of Red Kites in my area, which is not entirely unusual at this time of year. But the reports usually dry up as the birds move through. This year there seem to be quite a few reports still which I'm hoping means that some may have set up home in the area. Fingers crossed if that is the case.

I wasn't actually out looking for them on this occasion, and I had packed the camera and binoculars into the car, when I could see this particularly large raptor heading towards me. Views through the bins immediately had me onto this stunning Red Kite. A quick grab of the camera as it approached and then flew straight past me. Superb views of a bird I often only see from the car. What a smashing looking bird.

Taken by surprise as I hid behind the open boot of my car.