Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Thursday, 4 May 2023

A Bumper Day on the Patch

Birding on a particular patch can be quite disheartening at times, especially when you see lots of good birds appearing all round the country. You're just hoping that one drops in when you are there and that will make you happy. Birding where I do at Woodford, straddling the Cheshire and Greater Manchester border, seeing a Linnet can be a good day, whilst on others it seems completely devoid of all life. I've had some very good birds here, and most have appeared at this time of year. Trusting my notes from previous years, I made a special effort last week to visit during my lunch breaks and after work. I was rewarded beyond belief.

In just one day I had found a male Redstart at lunchtime, followed by a female after work. Added to that followed a Yellow Wagtail and two male Whinchats. Also thrown into the mix were Common Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plovers, Ringed Plovers, Stonechat and Barn Owl. I'd have been happy with this list if it was spread over 5 years, but to get them all in one day was really quite special. What's more the sun was out, and I was able to get some good record shots of them too.

I do hope this isn't all my luck used up, and that I can have more days like this on the patch in the weeks and years ahead.

Female Redstart (centre picture)

Male Redstart hugging the hedge

Male Whinchat with his back to us

Now facing us

This Yellow Wagtail was on the golf course, while I had myself behind some trees for cover

 Record shot of a Ringed Plover (left) and Common Sandpiper (right)


  1. Wonderful series of photos Adam.
    It is now a bit more difficult to spot the birds, all the leaves are already on the trees.
    I really like the yellow wagtail in this series.
    Greetings Irma

  2. Great photos of the yellow wagtail

  3. Hi Adam, Wow, thanks for sharing all the delightful images you captured on a lucky day of birding. Viewing the larger images on my desktop screen is just amazing! John

  4. It IS very exciting to have so many sightings. Love the photos on the golf course. And some of these birds are so well hidden that you did great to find them.

  5. You got some great shots of these birds which are so exotic to me.

  6. Adam - so happy for you that you had so many sightings in one day. Maybe they were also happy to see the sun! My favorite is the Wagtail. Joining you from Saturday's Critters.

  7. What a special day to get all of these beautiful shots. It just amazes me what you can do with your camera.

  8. The joys of patch birding.


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