Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Let me know when that tide's coming in won't you

Saturday 25 September 2021

White-tailed Lapwing - Blacktoft Sands

Reports came in towards the end of last week that a White-tailed Lapwing (Plover) was at RSPB Blacktoft Sands, off the Humber Estuary in Yorkshire. Now this is not a common bird at all here in the UK, with only 6 previous records. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to head along the M62 to try and see it.

On arrival it hadn't yet been seen, but there were half a dozen hides to check, so it could still be around. Eventually it was spotted, but it was asleep behind a very overgrown island and could only be seen by a few to the far right of the hide. 4 hours later it took off and landed out of sight. This meant a quick march to the next hide to see if it was there. Thankfully there it was, wide awake and feeding. 

It was worth the wait for a very good looking bird and a life tick too.

The White-tailed Lapwing with is really nice long yellow legs.

Seen here on the left, with a Ruff on the right. Giving a good size comparion.

I saved my best for last.


  1. Hi Adam,
    What a great series of photos of this White-tailed Lapwing.
    A kind I've never seen.
    I wish you a nice weekend.
    Greetings Irma

  2. Hello,
    I have never heard of the White-tailed Lapwing. Love the lapwing and the Ruff, I would like to see both of these birds. Great photos and nice reflections. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Definitely worth the effort, you got some lovely shots.

    My latest post:

  4. A great series of photos of the White-tailed Lapwing. Well done, Adam and enjoy your weekend.

  5. Well worth the drive. You got some great shots!

  6. I have never heard of this lovely bird. It's a beautiful one and I'm so glad you were able to see it after your travels!

  7. Sometimes it's hard to see how long their legs are. Love your photos and the reflections in the water.

  8. Your patience was rewarded. You got some great shots of the white tailed lapwing.

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